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Perfume Mixology

I work at the perfume and beauty industry for almost 15 years now I love discovering new fragrances, there story and ingredients especially niche one's .

one day I will definitely launch my own fragrance, but until that day will come I'm creating my own signature scents by mixing 2, 3 sometimes even 4 different perfumes!!!

I'm going to share with you now my best tips for perfume mixology and my best perfumed cocktails

#1 Mix fragrances from close or similar olfactory families, for example mixing a very oriental fragrance with a very citrusy fragrance will usually be a disaster, but mixing an oriental one with woody or gourmand can be nice.

#2 Starting with a scented oil as a base on your pulse points will  assure you a great silage, I love using the white oud oil as my winter base, and musk or almond oil as summer base. make sure you are using a high quality oils only.

#3 Mixing natural perfumes will give you better results than synthetic or aldehydes

#4 Spray the dominant fragrance as a first step and then the rest of them. just spray each and every one of them as if you are using it alone.

#5 Do not exaggerate! Try any combination on your skin before you go out and spread your personal scent to the world

Some of my famous cocktails :

My current addiction black pepper with Jasmin   une nuit magnetique BY The Differt Company +BOIS D'IRIS BY Van Cleef & Arpels

1969by HISTOIRES de PARFUMS + Poirier d'un soir by Miller Harris

pure eve by The Different Company + PAS CE SOIR by BDK+NU-BE He2

My special White OUD + OUD ABRAMAD by BDK + Black Orchid by TOM FORD


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