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Outbound Vs. Inbound Marketing for cosmetic brands

Inbound marketing is probably the hottest pair of words in the global marketing jargon, and you've probably heard it already. incase you haven't yet, we promise you that 2019 will not leave you behind on this issue, as it's the "IT" marketing tactic.

The traditional Outbound marketing is still a massive marketing channel for the cosmetic brands, but it doesn't mean that Inbound channels can't be used alongside the traditionals, and sometimes even replace them.

The major difference between Inbound and Outbound is the FOCUS. while the last one focuses on the brand/marketer the first one focuses on the consumer, and it is probably the best thing to do if you want to connect your targeted consumers into your brand.

More and more cosmetic and beauty brands attracts their specific audiences thanks to the Inbound tactics, and some of them doing so without even using the traditional ones. today's consumers likes to "find" their brands alone, based on their personal taste and preferences and follow brands that offers them additional real values without expecting immediate buying.

Here are some of the main differences between the Inbound and Outbound methods:


So which one of these marketing tactics is more effective for cosmetic brands?

probably both! the balance depends on the brand, budget and target audiences. but it is a certain fact that cosmetic brands can no longer use only outbound marketing. with the increasing competition for consumer attention and the entry of new and niche players into the cosmetic market they must find their ways to communicate with their targeted customers in creative ways both online and offline.


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